Bodega Bay Fishing Report

Bodega Bay Fishing Report

Select a Report below to read our weekly Bodega Bay Fishing Report. When we fish Tomales Bay or Fort Bragg we will include fishing reports for those trips. If the weather is rough and we were unable to fish much, reports may be every other week or so. For brief information on typical season visit the What We Catch Page. Our fishing reports are honest and provide all of the good and the bad information.

  • Big Lingcod

    Bodega Bay Fishing Report Week of 6-18-23

    We had to fight the weather a bit but still managed 3 days on the water this week with 2 of them being really nice. Did some exploring and really figured out the Petrale Sole game. Sole, Lings, Chillis and Jumbo Bococcio On Tuesday we headed to the shallow terrain in search for lingcod since just about everyone requested lings. We stopped on the way out and grabbed some sand dabs for bait and a got few petrale sole in the mix and I kept that spot in mind for a later time. We then headed to the Rocks and…

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  • Deckhand JP with Salmon Shark

    Bodega Bay Fishing Report Week of 6-11-23

    Starting to feel like summer around northern California and both the weather and the fish are agreeing. Big improvements on the bite inshore and getting offshore was a lot more possible this week. Exciting week in Bodega Bay with Killer Whales, Salmon Sharks and Chilli Peppers On wednesday we took 4 clients out in search of Chilli pepper rockfish. Left the dock with flat calm weather and powered out at 26 knots to the chilli grounds. On the way offshore I noticed the unique sight of an Orca dorsal fin and swung in to check it out and rolled up…

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  • Tomales Bay Halibut

    Bodega Bay Fishing Report Week of 6-4-23

    Rough spring time weather resulted in not a lot of fishing opportunities. Nobody was able to get offshore and there was a lot of fishing pressure on Tomales bay with little halibut being caught. Inshore weather was pretty balmy approaching the mid 70’s on the bay, so at least it was pleasant. Capt. Josh managed to pull in one nice halibut for dinner and had a few undersized fish for our group on Saturday. Big Tides have resulted in strong currents which also results in a weak halibut bite. Inshore weather looks like it will stay somewhat warm, so the…

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  • Red Band Rockfish

    Bodega Bay Fishing Report Week of 5-28-23

    This is our first weekly post for the year of 2023. We will continue to post weekly every Sunday on weeks that we are able to fish on. This report will cover Bodega Bay and Tomales Bay Fishing for the rest of 2023. We post often to social media, so that is another great source of pictures and brief trip information but we will provide more detailed information on this report. Bodega Bay Offshore Rockfish Biting Great On Friday we had 3 clients and went and searched deep for Chilli Pepper Rockfish. For those who have not eaten Chilli pepper…

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Bodega Bay Fishing Report Information:

Captain Ryan primarily writes these fishing reports when he gets a chance on Sunday or Monday evenings. Sometimes life gets in the way and it gets delayed a bit, but if we leave the dock if the fishing’s good or bad it will end up on this report eventually. There’s very few to no other honest fishing reports that are written by local actually fishing as of 2023 besides Willy with the Lawsons Landing Report down at Dillion’s Beach. We will also include fishing reports for our personal trips (when we are lucky enough to get them in) and from friends or other boats when we can get them. We are working on expanding this section of the website and archiving fishing reports out of Bodega Bay for years to come, for clients to get a better understanding of what seasons are best for what species.