Black Cod

(Anoplopoma fimbria)

Season: All Year, but typically targeted during our Deepwater rockfish trips

Legal Limit: 10 fish


14″- 42″



Fishing Style/Depth

Electric Deep Dropping bait between 600’to 1200’+


Black Cod, technically known as Sablefish, inhabit the continental shelf of the eastern pacific in a depth of 600 to 3,000 feet. Sablefish have a flaky, oily flesh when cooked with a mild flavor, a soft buttery texture, and pearly white color, hence the nickname of butterfish. When properly handled and cooked they taste very similar to scallop. They’re not as versatile as other species because of their delicate meat and are often less forgiving in the kitchen than species with firmer flesh, but with practice and patience they’re one of the most rewarding species to bring into your kitchen and one of our personal favorite. Due to the very high oil content sablefish are one of the most rewarding fish to prepare in a smoker, being similar if not better than salmon. We use electric reels to target sablefish at depths over 800 to 1200 feet of depth. We will target sablefish on Deepwater rockfish trips if requested by the group. Black cod tend to be pretty small around 5lbs, but have good yield of meat and taste so good its worth the effort. Black Cod Fishing is consistent year round.

Black Cod Caught in Bodega Bay