Dungeness Crab

(Metacarcinus magister)

Season: November 4th 2023 to Spring 2024, Variable season due to CDFW whale entanglement regulations. For crab trips after January 1st, give us a call.


5 3/4 width min”


1lb to 3lb+

Fishing style and Depth

Hoop nets per CDFW req, or crab traps when permitted


Dungeness crabs are one of the most popular seafood items along the west coast. You can identify Dungeness crabs by their purple-hued shells, which can grow up to 10 inches across, but we typically harvest them from 6″ to 9″. Dungeness crabs make up a massive fishery that supports communities from California to Alaska—some years the harvest results in up to 54 million pounds of crab. We recommended booking trips earlier in the season for Dungeness Crab in Bodega Bay while the population has not been impacted by fishing. Due to new regulations by CDFW, crab traps are not permitted until the humpback whales leave the area, this results the use of hoop nets, which require more time to check, but often result in larger and more numerous crab. Afternoon Crab-Only Trips will be offered after Crab-Combo trips, please call to reserve.

Dungeness Crab in bodega bay