Albacore tuna

(Thunnus alalunga)

Season: Typically Mid July through October, Highly Variable


Limit: 25 fish


20″- 36″+



Fishing Style/Depth

Surface Trolling clones, Occasional jigging and surface irons.


Albacore Tuna, also known as longfin tuna typically begin their expansive migration in the spring and early summer in waters off Japan. They move into inshore waters off the U.S. Pacific coast by late summer, then spend late fall and winter in the western Pacific Ocean. The timing and distance of their migrations in a given year depend on oceanic conditions. It is a highly variable fishery and we often have to travel anywhere from 30 to 80 miles from Bodega Bay to target Albacore. Albacore Tuna fishing is one of the most high action fisheries in the Pacific with sometimes five to ten rods hooking up at one time. Albacore provide a white meat, great for canning and BBQ. Early in the year we will offer trips out of Fort Bragg pursuing albacore when the water currents align and will focus efforts out of bodega bay as the currents shift south. Join Our Tuna List to go Albacore Fishing in Bodega Bay or Fort Bragg.

Bodega Bay Albacore Tuna