Bluefin Tuna

(Thunnus orientalis)

Season: Typically July through Late November. JOIN OUR TUNA LIST

Limit: 2 fish





Fishing Style/depth

High Speed Trolling, Kite Fishing, Spreader Bar Trolling, Jigging in Evenings and Twilight


The Pacific bluefin is one of the largest of the tuna species, although it is generally smaller than the Atlantic bluefin tuna, with which it is closely related. Of the tunas, Pacific bluefin has the largest geographic range; it is primarily found in the North Pacific. Bluefin Tuna are a relatively new fishery for Northern California , due to massive intercontinental conservation efforts with massive success. In 2022 the North Bay Fishing Charter Crew set out on personal trips using knowledge from fishing on private boats in southern california and mastered the art of catching bluefin tuna before we took clients out. Between the 3 North Bay Fishing Charters captains, there was 13 Bodega Bay Bluefin landed between 90lb and 180lb with an average weight of 150lb. We use various methods of targeting Bluefin depending on conditions including high speed trolling, medium speed trolling spready bars, kites with helium balloons skipping flying fish, knife jigs at twilight and dark hours and casting surface lures. Join Our tuna list to stay updated, as we will be heavily targeting these fish when they arrive. Our peak BlueFin Tuna Fishing Bodega Bay is typically late fall. We offer a quick Bluefin Tutorial Page for those interested in learning more.

BlueFin Tuna Fishing Bodega Bay