Bodega Bay Fishing Report

Bodega Bay Fishing Report

Select a Report below to read our weekly Bodega Bay Fishing Report. When we fish Tomales Bay or Fort Bragg we will include fishing reports for those trips. If the weather is rough and we were unable to fish much, reports may be every other week or so. For brief information on typical season visit the What We Catch Page. Our fishing reports are honest and provide all of the good and the bad information.

  • Big Eye Tuna

    Fort Bragg Tuna Fishing Report Week of 9-19-23

    Wide open Albacore Bite out of Fort Bragg continues, Cow Bigeye Tuna Bite excellent as well. Multiple state record fish being landed. 9-15-23 Friday was slow for us, 10 albacore ok grade probably 12lb average. Mainly 16 by 35 area watched a guy land a marlin and multiple big eyes but no luck for us. 9-16-23 Saturday started really slow until 10am then the bite picked up and got 30 fish in 3 hours with a mix between 5 and 35lbs, about a dozen really nice grade above 20lbs We were down at 10 by 25. Drug a nomad flyer…

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  • Deck full of Albacore Tuna

    Bodega Bay and Fort Bragg Tuna Fishing Report Week of 8-27-23

    Wide open Albacore Bite out of Fort Bragg, Bluefin have arrived back to Bodega but remain hit or miss 8-20-23 With rumors of bluefin being back in town, and a boat full of SoCal commercial kite fisherman we decided to make the run south toward the islands to find bluefin. After some looking we sure found em. We spent all day kite fishing and marked a few solid schools. We did have one bite but the hook never set in its mouth good enough to stay on. I learned a whole lot from these guys on how to fly a…

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  • Monster Bodega Bay Lingod

    Bodega Bay Fishing Report Week of 8-20-23

    The endless wind has ended, the weather has been flat calm, lingcod bite has been the best I’ve ever seen in my life, and the albacore are back in town for the first time in a decade. Fishing season is back in full swing. Air temps have a balmy 60 to 70 degrees on the water, and water surface temps are in the low 60s, it finally feels like summer has finally arrived and It couldn’t be better. Wide open Lingcod Action. 8-09-23 We decided to do a bluefin scout trip. We trolled all the way to the half moon…

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  • Bodega Bay Fishing Report Week of 8-5-23

    Wind, wind and more wind seems to plagued our typically calm summer months. Our trips have been scattered and we haven’t had much to report so this covers the past 2 weeks of inshore rockfishing, when we can get out there the rockfish bite has been red hot. At least there’s finally there is an end to the non stop wind in the forecast. Wide open shallow rockfish bite out of Bodega Bay, lingcod bite has been decent. 7-19-23 We decided to run north today and fish real shallow on light tackle gear. Weather was pretty nice all day, and…

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  • Tomales Bay Halibut

    Bodega Bay Fishing Report Week of 7-16-23

    Endless North wind continues to blow through and keep our trips limited. We made the most of what we could work with and still got a few Halibut and nearshore rockfish. Tomales Halibut Bite Improving and Nearshore Rockcod Opener. We had to deal with some pretty nasty weather this weekend but both the Sorta Salty and the Sea Queen managed to get some fish. On Saturday I took the Sorta Salty into Tomales bay in search for halibut with live jacksmelt we jigged up from the Dock in Bodega and pulled 6 halibut to 13lbs for 5 clients. After running…

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  • Norcal Bluefin Tuna Fishing 101

    With the Bluefin showing up again in big numbers for the 2nd year in a row in Norcal, there are endless questions on every forum and social media page. I figured I would take the time to write up a little bluefin tutorial while its windy, as many people who are booking tuna trips are private boaters wanting to learn more. I still recommend going with me( or at least someone who has all the gear and experience) for a day, as I can show you all of this information in real time, show you how to read birds, and…

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Reports Information:

Captain Ryan primarily writes these fishing reports when he gets a chance on Sunday or Monday evenings. Sometimes life gets in the way and it gets delayed a bit, but if we leave the dock if the fishing’s good or bad it will end up on this report eventually. There’s very few to no other honest fishing reports that are written by local actually fishing as of 2023 besides Willy with the Lawsons Landing Report down at Dillion’s Beach. We will also include fishing reports for our personal trips (when we are lucky enough to get them in) and from friends or other boats when we can get them. We are working on expanding this section of the website and archiving fishing reports out of Bodega Bay for years to come, for clients to get a better understanding of what seasons are best for what species.