Big eye Tuna

(Thunnus obesus)

Season: Typically September and October. JOIN OUR TUNA LIST

Limit: 10 fish





Fishing Style/depth

Albacore trolling with clones, Trolling Flying fish lures and other mid speed trolling methods.


Another new fishery to Northern California is the Bigeye Tuna. Big eye Tuna are often bycatch while fishing albacore tuna in Fort Bragg or out of Bodega Bay. The bigeye tuna are the strongest fighting fish on the west coast and the fact they often bite lighter albacore gear makes them significantly more of a challenge. Big Eye tuna Migrate across the pacific and tend be very large in our waters. They can change depths between 0 and 2000 feet in seconds, and are very sporadic in their fighting patterns. If your looking to land a 200+lb fish and have a fight of a lifetime, Bigeye should be your target. We have already caught fish larger than the 240lb state record, but we gutted the fish making it ineligible so the state record can still be easily shattered. For the past two years Bigeye tuna have arrived within the albacore schools around mid September. Join our tuna List to have a chance to tackle the new king of Northern California.

Northern California Big eye Tuna