(Ophiodon elongatus)

Season: May 15th to December 31st




5lb – 35lb

Fishing Style And Depth

Drifting/Jigging in 10′-1000′


Lingcod are native to the North American west coast from  the Gulf of Alaska to Baja California, Mexico. Lingcod have been observed up to a size of 60 Inches and a weight of 100lbs, but our typical northern California lingcod weight in at 5 to 35lbs. Lingcod are a popular eating fish, and is thus prized by anglers. Though not closely related to either ling or cod, the name “lingcod” originated because it somewhat resembles those fish. Around 20% of lingcods have blue-green to turquoise flesh. The color is destroyed by cooking. The color may be due to biliverdin, but this has not been proved. Lingcod Fishing near Bodega Bay typically peaks during the spring and late fall to early winter.

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Bodega Bay Lingcod