Bodega Bay Fishing Report Week of 5-28-23

This is our first weekly post for the year of 2023. We will continue to post weekly every Sunday on weeks that we are able to fish on. This report will cover Bodega Bay and Tomales Bay Fishing for the rest of 2023. We post often to social media, so that is another great source of pictures and brief trip information but we will provide more detailed information on this report.

Bodega Bay Offshore Rockfish Biting Great

On Friday we had 3 clients and went and searched deep for Chilli Pepper Rockfish. For those who have not eaten Chilli pepper rockfish before, they are far better than any other white meat fish in our area, (and possibly the entire ocean in my opinion). We used our Banax 1000 electric reels and deep dropped 650 to 900 feet down and had good action on the Chilli’s with a few Bocaccio and one big Redband.

On Saturday we had six new clients so we decided to head to shallower terrain in roughly 275 feet of water near rittenburg there was some serious wind forecasted for the afternoon so we didn’t want to stay too long. The yellowtail rockfish were biting wide open and we quickly limited with a 3 to 4lb average. We also picked up a few bocaccios and vermillion to add the mix. The lingcod bite wasn’t great but we got 2 lings, which was likely due to the fact that the rockfish were hitting even big baits before they had time to fish the bottom long enough to bring the lingcod in.

Tomales Bay Halibut Fishing Report

Capt. Josh fished for Halibut on with 2 clients Sunday inside Tomales bay. Weather remained pretty calm for the entire day and he trolled up one nice 15lb Halibut and release 4 undersize. The fishing inside the bay remains a bit inconsistent over the past 2 weeks but with some great days and also some slower days, but as the water warms up we expect the fishing to heat up as well. The moss is starting to grow quickly so that is making things a bit tricky for trolling in the shallows, but the fish will head deeper with increasing temps.

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