Capt. Ryan Giammona and Deckhand Josh Peterson with a Bigeye tuna

Captain Josh Stevens

Co-Owner, Operator, USCG OUPV

Having grown up in Point Reyes Station, Captain Josh Stevens has fished all up and down the Marin and Sonoma coast for over 30+ years. Through doing so, he has acquired an extensive knowledge of the area and the marine wildlife that calls this majestic destination their home. Not only will he put you on the fish, but will gladly share his knowledge of Tomales Bay and Point Reyes National Seashore. Captain Josh looks forward to providing you with the opportunity to witness all the splendor this section of the California coast has to offer.

Captain Ryan Giammona

Co-Owner, Operator, USCG Master of 50 tons

Growing up in Point Reyes Station, Captain Ryan Giammona has spent most of his life fishing the west coast. Ryan has fished from southern Baja to northern Washington above the water with rod and reel and underneath the water with speargun.  During his free time, he enjoys pursuing offshore pelagic species such as albacore and bluefin tuna in northern California. He also targets wahoo, dorado and yellowfin tuna south of the border. Being a 4th generation local Point Reyes resident, Ryan has spent thousands of days above and below the water around various local wildlife including  whales, sharks, seals and many varieties of game fish and can answer nearly any question involving marine wildlife. 

Captain Billy Wessner

Operator, USCG OUPV

William “Captain Billy” Wessner, also being from Point Reyes area since a child, has acquired a lifetime of harvesting everything you can possibly find in the pacific ocean off of Point Reyes and the Bodega Bay area. He has been an avid abalone diver all his life (when it was still open) and still spearfishes these local waters year round to this day.  Billy has surfed, fished, and spearfished all up and down the pacific coast from Alaska to the tip of Baja. As for “rod and reel fishing”, he enjoys chasing every kind of fish we have in our pacific waters, as well as, sight casting poppers for the infamous bluefin out of San Diego (see picture).  Being a father of two himself, he takes great pride in teaching you and your family the enjoyment of fishing he found as kid himself. 


Josh Peterson “JP”

As a Petaluma native, Josh has fished the fresh and salty local waters extensively. “JP” has deck handed on various boats in Bodega Bay and has deck handed for North Bay Fishing Charters for the past 2 years and has extensive knowledge on how to keep the deck running smoothly and your catches coming over the rail.

Josh Peterson with a Fort Bragg Big Eye Tuna